Specialists in hire, sales & Servicing
of rigging & associated equipment.

The company was established in the UK in September 1997 as an equipment resource for all areas of the entertainment industry including film, TV, theatre and event production. Rigging Services remit being the supply of stringently tested, high quality, hire equipment provided by professionals to the industry.

Paul Fulcher - DirectorRigging Services
Director - Paul Fulcher

Tel : +44 (0) 20 8215 1240
Fax : +44(0) 20 8215 1243
Email : paul.fulcher@riggingservices.co.uk

Bob Dean - ManagerRigging Services - London
Manager - Bob Dean

3 Mills Studios
The Island
Three Mill Lane
E3 3DU
Tel : +44 (0)208 215 1240
Fax : +44(0) 20 8215 1243
Email : bob.dean@riggingservices.co.uk

Dave Rogers - Branch ManagerRigging Services - Birmingham
Manager - Dave Rogers

Unit E, Dartmouth Industrial Estate
Dartmouth Circus
Bracebridge Street
B6 4NE
Tel : +44 (0)121 333 4409
Fax : +44 (0)121 333 4909
Email : david.rogers@riggingservices.co.uk

Dirk van Hoof- ManagerRigging Services - Manchester
Manager - Dirk Van Hoof

21 Rivington Court
Hardwick Grange
Tel : +44 (0)7827330998
Fax : +44(0) 20 8215 1243
Email : dirk.vanhoof@riggingservices.co.uk


Rigging Services are located in London and Birmingam. Three Mills Studios, our base in the Capital, is an innovative production and performance facility in Bow, East London. Twenty minutes from Central London, the site is ideally placed for all your rigging needs. Our second location is in Aston, Birmingham, strategically placed within minutes from J6 of the M6, giving excellent links to the Midlands and North West, plus conveniently placed 15 minutes from the NEC. Future plans are on-going to increase our network, therefore our reach across the UK and mainland Europe continues to improve.

Rigging Services has made a major impact on the UK entertainment scene and won international business as it builds a reputation for quality and service. A specialist company for the hire, sales and service of rigging equipment, the service was created to give live entertainment production companies the confidence that it really will be 'alright on the night'! Our equipment has been used at many high profile entertainment, business events and venues.

Staffed by personnel with strong experience in production management and rigging, the operation has grown to become one of Europe's leading rigging suppliers, dealing with all the major players in live production services. Totally dedicated to the entertainment business, Rigging Servcices is based both at the 3 Mills Studios in London's Docklands - a complex which provides 'a village of services" to the entertainment industry and an ideal location, and in Aston, Birmingham. With future plans to increase our network further still, our reach across the UK continues to improve.

When Director, Paul Fulcher decided to set up a specialist operation for the entertainment industry, it was quickly realised that the studios - the home of Edwin Shirley Productions - would place Rigging Services firmly in the mainstream of the entertainment world. The decision paid off, generating business and bringing widespread recognition of the brand. Before launching, industry specialists were employed to thoroughly research the market in order to ensure that the service would be welcomed by the industry. The initial response was positive, strongly supporting what Paul had felt for sometime - that there was a need for a 'header tank' or 'top-up service' to supply production companies with rigorously tested hire equipment together with a top class quality service.

Bespoke Services

The Rigging Services approach is to look at a client's needs and provide them with the right solution, whether through a hire or sale agreement. A complete design, fabrication and testing service is offered to solve specific lifting and handling problems.

This capability, together with a comprehensive training service, means that Rigging Services offers a unique 'one stop shop' resource for the entertainment industry. A major test of their services and ingenuity came when the Virgin group was revamping the Heaven night club in London with the aim of making it a really top clubbing venue. Pure Productions, the main contractor, approached Rigging Services to discuss the options.

The answer was found with a unique 24 axis motion control system, made up of 24 quarter tonne CM Lodestar hoists and a computerised control system, which manage the movement of 12 lighting rigs. Designed to give movement in an array of directions the system can be programmed to variable speeds. Rigging Services also assisted in the installing, commissioning and testing of the system at the club. Paul said: 'This variable speed, positional controlled system was something never achieved before. It is unique to Rigging Services and shows the depth and breadth of the company's skills.

Safety First

Rigging Services is committed to a 'safety first' policy, with stringent test, maintenance and certification procedures applied to the company's own equipment and all client equipment serviced by us. Operating to ISO 9002 as a minimum quality bench mark, Rigging Services also has its own in-house quality checks, including signed certification for each piece of equipment together with 'safe use' leaflets which details the 'do's and don'ts' of usage when issued. And, in a unique initiative for the industry, Rigging Services has pioneered a bar coded reference system to deal effectively with the huge amount of hire equipment which may need to be quickly processed. Each item of equipment in our hire stock can be traced through a computerised stock control system, enabling all service history and certification to be readily accessed. Paul Fulcher, Rigging Services' Director and past Chairman of the LEEA, believes the quality and safety controls within our business are leading the industry. 'We inspect every piece of kit when it comes off hire and will test in accordance with the LOLER and PUWER regulations. We were the first lifting company to have a dedicated QA system and have the most comprehensive testing equipment in the industry.

Long Relationships

Alongside the commitment to quality and safety, Rigging Services' business philosophy is to build long lasting relationships with each clients. For example, in 1997 American owned lighting company Bandit Lites turned to us for equipment support during the blockbusting success 'Lord of the Dance' World Tour.

Rigging Services provided more than 30 hoists, controls as well as rigging for the two year tour and then all equipment for the open air extravaganza in Hyde Park, including 50 hoists. Paul Fulcher adds: "This initial contract with one of our first and oldest customers demonstrates how we have quickly established our reputation in a highly competitive environment. Customer service is one of the most important factors in the industry and the Rigging Services team prides itself on this. Today Bandit Lites continues to have a strong and long relationship with us".