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8 Way Modular Control
  • Do you need 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 way of control?
  • If set-up is more then a 4-way do not forget to use the link cable supplied1
  • When a 12-way or more is required you will need a 20-way rack with mains distro
  • Do you have 32amp supply available and are the phases correct?
  • Do you need tails or splitter boxes?
  • Do you need additional hand controllers?
  • To reduce cables do you want to use multicore cables?
  • Do you need any motor cables
  • Do you need any other equipment?


The basic unit in these systems is the 4 way module, a 19" rack mounting 3U high steel enclosure fitted with a CEE. 32A appliance inlet and 4 circuit breakers on the rear panel, with controlled outlets and low voltage [24V d.c] control connections on the front panel.

A sensor circuit is fitted to prevent operation of the unit if the phase rotation or connections are incorrect.

Each module incorporates an emergency stop button.

For the Lodestar distro unit the output takes the form of two Ceep connectors, one female for the mains, and one male for the 110V control, these connectors can be fitted with fanouts to allow connection of individual distro cables or plugged into multicores.

The rack mounted control is a 19" rack mounting enclosure capable of controlling up to 20 hoists.

The front panel is fitted with selector switches and LED's and a master "Go" button to control the hoists, in addition a key switch and 3 pin x.l.r socket are fitted to allow a remote "Go" button to be used.

Hand held remotes are used to control the outputs of the distro modules and come in either 8, 12 or 16 way units as standard. Each remote is fitted with protected up/off/down selector switches with adjacent LED's to give an indication of the direction the hoist will travel when the "Go" button is pressed. The "Go" button is fitted centrally below the selector switches, in addition an extra LED is fitted to give control voltage present indication. Each handset has an emergency stop button located underneath the carrying handle.


Technical Specifications