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Harnesses & Lanyard
  • Be sure to match the harness with the environment it has to be used in.
  • Do you require a safety line?
  • Do you require a fall arrester?



Full Harness

  • Recommended for use with fall arrest safety blocks.
  • Step in buckle free design and colour coded straps to permit simple donning
  • Fully adjustable 'pull tight' shoulder and waist straps to guarantee an immediate and comfortable fit
  • Waist, chest, shoulder and leg straps minimise the risk of injury by transferring shock-loadings, generated by a fall, to the buttocks and well away from vital abdominal organs.
  • Front and rear dee rings.

Dual Purpose

  • For use when entering confined spaces such as shafts and tanks.
  • Designed to keep wearer in upright position if incapacitated.
  • Can also be used as a conventional full harness using the rear dee ring as the attachment point.


  • Complete with shock absorber and Karibine hooks.


Technical Specifications
All harnesses are manufactured to CE Standards.