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Material Lifts
  • What capacity do you want?
  • Will the fork dimensions suit?
  • Can the unit be located into its working environment?
  • What height do you require?
  • Do you need any other equipment?



Easy Lift

The easy lift is a lift truck and hand truck. Its the strong, lightweight manoeuvrable tool designed especially for construction and service work, and, it goes with you in the truck or van to any job site.

Lift 350lbs to the height you choose : 4 feet 8 feet 10 feet or 12 feet plus.

A few of the uses for the lift are listed below, but the possibilities go on and on. Move, install or service.

  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Duct Work
  • ITV's and appliances
  • Electric Fixtures
  • Air cleaners
  • Transformers
  • Fire protection equipment
  • Or use the lift as an on-the-job work table

Superlift & Sumner

The Superlift and Sumner hoists take heavy loads to greater heights. If your lifting need requires elevating loads of a maximum 750lbs to heights of up to 12 feet 18 feet or 24 feet, these models can handle the job.

And in addition to their super strength, the hoists feature one-person portability! They move to the job-site fully assembled ready to telescope your load into its place.

Construction trades use the hoists to transport, install and service:

  • Sheet metal air duct
  • unit heaters
  • construction framework
  • roll up doors
  • transformers
  • air conditioning and refrigeration equipment
  • overhead piping and fire protection systems
  • bus duct and conduit
  • rigid insulation
  • heavy electrical fixtures


Technical Specifications
Model Load Capacity Max Lifting Height Fork Dimension Overall Dimension
  lbs mm mm mm
Superlift SL10
Mix N Match
Superlift SL18
Superlift SL24
600 x 600
600 x 520
650 x 600
650 x 600
1460 x 1990 x 800
1130 x 880 x 1880
1790 x 830 x 2180
2010 x 2100 x 2180