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System 2000 Overview
  • Do you need 8, 16, 24 or 32 way of control?
  • If set-up is more then a 4-way do not forget to use the link cable supplied1
  • When a 12-way or more is required you will need a 20-way rack with mains distro
  • Do you have 32amp supply available and are the phases correct?
  • Do you need tails or splitter boxes?
  • Do you need additional hand controllers?
  • To reduce cables do you want to use multicore cables?
  • Do you need any motor cables
  • Do you need any other equipment?



System 2000 has been designed to the highest standards of safety and reliability. Our design criteria satisfy the most demanding health and safety regimes in the world today. The following significant innovations are unique in chain hoist controllers.

Expansion Capabilities

System 2000 is further enhanced by two ground-breaking expansion possibilities. Firstly, there is an exciting new development allowing analogue load cell outputs to be connected directly to the back of the controller. The exact weight on each motor point can then be displayed on a real time chart via any Windows application. A laptop or PC is connected via a standard serial port on the rear of the controller (see pic above).

The second new capability is full motion control using standard CM encoders, allowing precise movement of hoists to cue sequences. This system may be controlled from the same laptop as the load cells, with both programs running concurrently.

All this fits into a 5u 19” box and requires no extra power above the standard 32A required for an 8-way controller.

Electrical Protection

All controllers are protected by a 30mA RCCD, type C 3 phase MCB for each motor channel and a type B single phase MCB for the low voltage control circuit. This comprehensive protection complies with all major international electrical regulations.

Voltage Selection

System 2000 is designed to be operated in any country with mains 3 phase voltages varying from 120 to 415 volts between phases. No adjustment is necessary provided the hoists have been set to the local voltage. This feature makes System 2000 safe from overvoltage abuse - the most common cause of damage to controllers.

Phase reversal

Phase reversal is achieved via the 32A reversing plug supplied with each unit,  ensuring that all motors are in phase with each other and preventing accidental “wrong way” movement which can occur with individual channel reversing.

LED display

Each channel on the local and remote controllers is equipped with a bi-colour LED which displays red or green, depending on direction selected. This reduces the amount of information displayed, providing a clear and easily interpreted reading of the status.

The E Stop information is displayed by yellow LEDs, reducing any confusion with the directional red and green LEDs on each channel. Only when an E Stop is activated will the yellow LED light up, allowing easy tracing of the active stop.

Additionally, the front panel has three neons to indicate three correct phases connected and a 24V LED to indicate control power present.


System 2000 is constructed with minimal PCB’s and new generation relays, which can be replaced in seconds, yet will not be dislodged (even if you do drop the flight case off the ramp!). Every component has been selected with rugged touring duty in mind, and simplicity of operation and replacement in the unlikely event it should ever prove necessary


Technical Specifications